iPhone vs. Android: Our Opinion and Yours

Posted on Jan 06 2012

The iPhone and Android brands have become the 2 biggest names in the cellular industry, each presenting new, intuitive ways to bring the power of mobile web, social networks and media to users on what seems like a daily basis.

With all the phone choices available today, it can easily make even tech-savvy consumers grumble.  Half of the smart-phones today use the Android software platform but the iPhone’s reputation as a pioneer in quality and innovation continues to earn the most anticipation and excitement over product releases.

In an effort to offer you some opinions from “tech-savvy” people, we gathered some inner-office knowledge that we would like to share with you in hopes that it can bring some enlightenment on making your next decision on a phone.

Taylor and Peter, both outstanding programmers, prefer the Android operating system.  Both cite that Android software is Linux-based (computer guys love Linux) and open source, which means apps, upgrades and customizability are virtually limitless.  Peter also mentioned that because Android is the phone’s software (created by Google), there are many phones including it to choose from, allowing for numerous phone options vs. 2 or 3 iPhone models.

Jaime (design), Shari (management) and Steve (sales) all prefer the iPhone because of it’s reliability and capabilities of performing all the tasks they need; call, text, email, browse the web, etc.

There is ultimately no right or wrong choice (depending on who you ask). Phones today can do almost anything computers can do. Our employees have to be connected to the web and the world, their instrument of choice is their decision.

What about you?  What phone do you have or are you planning on getting and why?

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